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Lady Kayleen is a New York based cosplayer / twitch streamer who has been involved in the cosplay community for about 7 years. Her passion for cosplay started when she began creating and designing her own clothing while in middle school. Kayleen learned most of her sewing knowledge from her mother who used to be a seamstress. She creates her own patterns and custom makes/ tailors each costume to fit her properly. Lady Kayleen also streams video games regularly when she can; video games were what inspired Lady Kayleen to create costumes and get into the cosplay community. 

"Learn from mistakes, never regret"- Lady Kayleen 

Social Media Handles:
Instagram: @LadyKayleen
Twitter: _LadyKayleen_
Twitch: LadyKayleen

UGS BBoy Dragon
BBoy Dragon is one of the United States top Dead or Alive and Blazeblue Cross Tag Players. With Dead or Alive 6 being released in February 2019 CT Gamercon is excited to be one of the first events to feature it as a tournament! BBoy Dragon is also well known in the scene for his break dancing skills. With his great tournament record in 2018 nationally it will be great to see how he performs in 2019!

  • DOA 5 9th Japan world finals 2016

  • 1st place D.I.D (Dead or Alive in Calls) 2018

  • 1st Summer Jam 2018 3rd place TFC 2018

  • BBTAG 17th Evo world finals

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